India: AmbushMature

I wander around aimlessly for another few minutes then think about heading back and waiting for the others when I hear someone moving nearby.  I turn around but can't see anyone.

'Penny?'  I say cautiously.  'Is that you?'  I hear more movement but no-one appears.  'Come on Pen, stop playing games, you know we shouldn't be out here it could be dangerous.'

'You are quite right.'  Donovan's voice creaps out from the darkness.  'Who knows, what kind of dangerous people might be lurking behind the trees.'  I can hear him but there is no sign of where he is.

'Don't play with me Donovan.  If you want to have it out then stand where I can see you.'

'Poor little India.  Abandoned by her lover but trying to be so brave, just like the others.  Killing you is going to be the icing on the cake.'  I could hear his sadistic laugh echoing arounf the forest.

'Why do you want to kill me?  I have never done anything to you.'

'Ah it's not you I want to get at, it's him.  I want him to suffer and killing you will break his poor undead heart.  He'll die without you.  Not like the other girls, they were dispensable but you, you are something different.'  A flash of flesh and I feel a fist slam against my face, knocking me to the ground.  'Don't worry, I'll make it nice and slow.'

He leaned in, his hands pushing me onto the ground.  He was far stronger than me and this time there was no Dom to save me.  I struggled but his body was pinning mine to the ground.  His hands went around my neck.

'I'm really going to enjoy this.'  As his hands tightened I kneed him in the stomach, loosening his grip and putting him off balance so I could hit him and scramble away.  But he was too quick.  I hadn't got far before he was blocking my path.  'You are not going to get away with that.'  He raised his fist to hit me again but another flash of flesh and he was pinned to the ground by Penny.

'Run India, I can take care of him.'  She scowled at Donovan who was no longer smiling.

'I'm not leaving you here with him.  Besides I promised Dom I'd bring you back.'

'I'm not going back.'  She sounded determined and I didn't know how to convince her to stay with us.

'We need you Penny.  Stay please.'

The End

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