Lucy: please....Mature

It's been almost a week since I'd finally come out of my coma and then there had been the trouble with Oval and the babies, but they were born without a hitch and I loved the two of them dearly.

Maple is walking around with a worried expression on her face these days, constantly looking over her shoulder, and now Penny has done a runner. Life is never going to be simple is it?

Oh Penny what are you doing?

I walk to the window and stare out into the garden. "Luce." His arms snake around me and I feel his breath against my ear. "We need you to try."

"But..." I feel my eyes fill up with tears and rest my head against the window. "I... I can't."

He sighs and I shiver and stare at the ground. "Lucy. Look at me." I ignore him and stay standing with my back to him, my eyes fixed firmly on the floor. "Luce please." He begs and I can't take it anymore. My knees buckle and he catches me as I fall to the floor in despair.

"Lucy please! My brother is going to die without her."

I close my eyes and rest my head against his chest. "I can't go back there Roman. I can't go back."

"It's ok baby, I won't let you. I promise."

I take a deep breath and open my eyes, looking up into his red ones.

"Ok. I'll try." I whisper and I feel his body sag in relief.

"Thank you." he murmurs into my hair and I squeeze my eyes shut again as I cling to him, hoping he doesn't see the terror in them.

I haven't used my powers since I woke up. They're almost too strong for me.

The End

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