India: Find herMature

Dominic came running down the stairs and out into the garden, his face panic stricken and I was immediately at his side.

'What's wrong?'

'It's Jake, he wants us to find Penny, she's not in the house and she's not out here with you so where is she?'  His voice was paniced, looking around frantically.

'Don't panic Dom, we'll find her.  She's probably found a corner to hide in, that's all.'  He shook his head.

'No this is serious.  I've already checked the house and she's not there.  Jake says she's had enough, that she can't do this anymore.'

'Do what anymore?'  I ask.

'This.'  He opened his arms and gestures at the house, the garden and our surroundings.  'He's scared she's going to do something stupid.'  His aura was filled with genuine fear and concern, even if this was an over-reaction I had to help him.

'OK then, you find the others and I'll start looking in the forest, she can't have got far.'  Dominic gave me a quick kiss and ran back into the house as I headed out into the forest.

Despite the bright sunlight, the forest was dark and slightly scary.  It's OK India, you are a powerful vampire, you will be fine.  I ran around trying to find Penny as quickly as possible so I could get back to the house but I ended up getting lost and going round in circles.

'Great, what do I do now?'  I muttered to myself.

The End

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