Maple : DreamingMature

Ray holds my hand as I walk into Roman's room, staring at Lucy who's lying on the bed.

"Why do you want us to sleep here?" I ask again, still a bit confused.

"Lucy needs to communicate with you." Roman repeats, "This is the only way."

Oval walks in with Lucien, and I smile at them then sit down on the king-size bed.

"I don't feel sleepy though."

"I have some sleeping pills you can take."

"Actually, I think I'll be allright." I lie down, and in a few minutes, me and Lucy fall to sleep.

I am sitting on a treebranch over looking a red lake with Ray. The tree isn't just any old tree, it grows straws and it reminds me of the first time I drank blood. The leaves are red, blood red to be precise. Vampires are all sitting near the bank of the lake, sucking blood into straws into their mouths. Some are picking long straws from the trees while others are swimming -

"Maple? Maple!" Lucy's voice appears out of nowhere, although I can't see her. "Maple?!"

"Lucy?" I whisper.

"Yeah, its me. Hi."

"Hi Maple, its Oval."

"You. Are. Both. In. My. Head."

"Yeah, I'm afraid so."

"You're also in our heads." Then I freak out.


I sit up on the bed, my eyes wide open. Ray rushes over to me, demanding what's wrong.

"Uh, they were in my head." I look at Oval and Lucy, both still unconscious.

"Yeah, that's what's supposed to happen." Roman explains, rolling his eyes at me.

"Oh right."I lie back down and close my eyes, then immediately sit back up again. "On second thoughts, can I have a sleeping pill?"

The End

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