Donovan: hollowMature

As she grabbed my face i felt a burning sensation. At first it was a hot prickly feeling starting behind my eyes and slowly spreading like a virus. Then a blinding pain as everything exploded in my head. What was this cursed girl doing? I saw her soft face twisted in a white hot rage. The image felt like it was imprinted on the back of my eyelids. I squeezed them tight trying to shake it off. This girl. Moments ago i had looked at her milky white skin, traced my finger along her perfect silky neck, imagining my teeth running along that vein, i could hear the blood coursing through her. I wanted to bite her. I wanted to see that red blood trickle slowly onto my tongue staining her innocent body. Now here she was. Burning me from the inside out. I felt every memory i ever had speed around my brain bouncing off each other until they gathered so much speed it felt like they burst through my scalp. I don't know where that gut wrenching sound came from. I suspect it was me. But that pain. It was unbearable. 

Then all of a sudden i felt nothing. I opened my eyes and i saw blackness. No not blackness. A murky greyness. I saw myself just as i was now. I was moving suspended in the air as if i was walking through the universe. I could hear vague voices but i paid no attention. It didn't matter anymore. My body felt weightless and heavy all at once. I had no thoughts, just a vague sense of peace.  It was as if i had been scooped out and left as a shell. Then i saw myself sinking, my feet disappeared first and with my eyes wide open i had vanished. Gone into a nothingness.  

The End

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