Roman: VoiceMature

I sit next to the bed and hold Lucy's hand as she stares vacantly at the ceiling. Her eyes are still black. I close my eyes and rest my head on the bed beside her, her heartbeat is such a comfort to me I can't explain. I'm wondering if I can use the link between us to somehow contact her, but I'm afraid of encountering her mind shields and ending up like Donovan..


My eyes burn and my face twitches. I fall to my knees as her voice fills my head.

Bring Maple to me Roman. Make her sleep.

My eyes had just closed but now they snap open and I stand up. Lucy wants to talk to Maple in dreamtime, so Maple has to sleep, in here, near Lucy.

I start to walk towards the door and then turn to look at Lucy. "I'll get Maple.." I whisper  "...and Oval."

The End

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