Maple : Dream?Mature

Breathing in the scent of Ray, he holds me close. My arms are wrapped around him, never to let him go again. Donovan was so brutal, disgusting, and ugly. He runs his fingers through my short bright hair gently. 

Lucy is next door, resting. No one knows when she might wake up.

"I feel so useless, can't help." I mutter quietly, sighing.

"You saved my life. How's that not helping?" I look up at Ray, and seeing his brilliant smile, I smile back too. He lifts my chin and kisses me lightly. I use his shoulder as a pillow, then slowly fall to sleep.


My eyes open. I am standing in a dark forest. Birds fly over my head, howling at the moon like wolves.

"Ray?" I whisper, looking around for any sign of vampire life.

"Maple, we finally meet." A hoarse voice comes from behind me, I turn around quickly, there was no one there before. A group of five males stand before me. The one talking to me wears a long red cloak going down to his ankles. His face is covered by a white opera mask. The other four are wearing black masks with black cloaks, and are all standing behind him.

"Who are you?" My question is carried away by the wind, but he hears anyway.

"I might think about telling you later. But first, look who's here." He gestures towards a figure kneeling on the floor. It's Donovan. His hands and feet are cuffed with a chain hanging coming off it. The leader of the group kicks him over, but he doesn't utter a single sound. The wind blows off the last leaves on the tree directly above me. Some float onto my head, damp but light.

"He's empty. He's dumb. He can't do anything. He's a vegetable." He steps up to me. "What did you do?" What is he talking about?

"You blinded him, then what did you do?" How did they know about that?

"I... I didn't do anything. I swear." I stutter, looking over at Donovan, so still.

"Then why is he so useless? What have you done with his mind?"


"It wasn't me."

"Oh, who was it then?"

Lucy's in a coma.

"It was me."

"Oh, so it was you."

I nod.

"That's all we need to know. We'll be seeing you soon."


I wake up in Ray's arms. He picks a leaf out of my hair and throws it out of the window.

The End

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