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Lucy, oh my god no, what have you done?

She came down the stairs, screamed at me, kicked open the door and was up in his face before I could do anything. Then he had her and I thought I'd lost her, but she had that look in her eye, that look, she's been so tired lately and I thought it was just the change but, I'll never forget that look.

Her eyes were glowing a neon shade of blue and then they just turned completely black, no white at all, just black, as she stared into Donovan's eyes with her hands either side of his head. And then he started screaming, even when she let go of him and both of them collapsed to the ground he was still screaming, I never want to hear a scream like that again. Pure, raw fear.

He's curled up on the ground now but all I can think of is Lucy. I run to her side and half lift her, India appears at my side too while Ray stands over Donovan as he twitches on the ground. "Is she ok?" India's eyes are wide in shock and I shake my head "I don't know" I whisper. Her eyes are still black and wide as she lies motionless in my arms. "Oh god, she's not, she's not....dead?" India raises a hand to her mouth and chokes back a sob. "" I stammer unsure for a moment but then certain she's not dead as I feel her heart beat slowly but steadily. The vampire heart. The only indication that she was still alive.

"What happened here?" My father storms into the room and takes one look at Donovan twitching on the floor before he walks towards me. "What have you done now Rom...." he cuts off mid sentence and stares at Lucy. His lips draw back in a hiss and I stare at him in fear. "" I haven't called him that in about a century and for a moment I forget that he stopped being a proper Dad a long time ago because he looks so concerned. He bends down beside me as India scrambles to get out of his way, tears running down her face. "She's still alive." I babble "I can feel her heart and.." I continue talking but I can barely even hear myself, I just watch as he places a hand on Lucy's forehead and then draws back with a snarl as though his he'd just put his hand in a fire. "She has too many defences." he murmurs to himself before standing up.

Lucien appears in the doorway with Oval and he's by my side in an instant, his hand on my shoulder. "Oh my god, what happened?" He looks down at Lucy and tenses up. "I'm so sorry Ro, is she..?"

"No. NO SHE'S NOT DEAD." I raise my voice loudly and everyone looks at me. More people are arriving in the room but I don't care. I just want Lucy to snap out of this and come back to me. My shoulders shake as I bend my head over her and tears drip from my eyes.

Just then I look up and catch Oval's eye. She's standing a few feet away from me, looking down at Lucy with one hand covering her mouth and the other on her stomach. Tears drip down her face as Lucien puts his arms around her and tries to turn her away but she won't move.

"This is my fault, he wants to traumatise me." she struggles to kneel down beside me and puts her hand on my shoulder as I shake my head. "It's not your fault at all Oval, she just...."

Don't worry Uncle Ro, we wont let Auntie Lucy die.

I jump and she looks at me. "You heard them." is all she says, and I nod.

"They're the only ones that can reach her in this state." my father stands over us and looks thoughtfully at Oval. "If they can get the information from her mind and let us know what's going on then we can get started on the plan to..."

"SHUT UP." I shout. "Don't you care about Lucy father? Don't you care about her getting better at all? About her waking up? Instead of just getting information from her so you can win this stupid ongoing war that we got dragged into for being your sons?" I'm crying again and he has the 'you are weak' look on his face but I don't really care anymore.

He looks at me for a few minutes and then indicates Donovan. "Looking at him, it's hard to say what she done, but I don't know if he'll even survive the night. If she can do that when she's threatened then yes of course I care. She'll be useful. Besides, get the information from her and her mind will start to get back to normal in a few days, leave it, and her power will consume her and she'll die." and with that he walks out and I'm left shaking in anger and sadness, hugging a wide eyed Lucy to me as she stares at something none of us can see.

Auntie Lucy won't die.

I don't flinch but everyone gasps and I look up, I wasn't the only one that heard that, and Oval wasn't touching any of us at all.

The twins are getting stronger.

The End

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