Lucy: Evolution babyMature

I storm down the stairs and find Roman sitting at the very bottom with his head in his hands. My powers have been doing funny things and I've been sleeping a lot so I missed out on everything that seems to have happened. I sit down beside him and kiss him on the cheek. He turns to look me in the eyes and as I run my fingers through his hair I feel a pulse and I see a memory, of the future or the past? I'm not sure. But I saw it. My powers must be evolving a little, just like Oval's did when she first came. I need to get control of them though, I still haven't mastered it yet.

I jump to my feet and stare at him in shock. How dare he keep that from me?

"What the HELL is going on?" I demand, my hand waving around at a door nearby. "Are you crazy? ARE YOU ACTUALLY CRAZY???!!!"

Roman stands up and takes me in his arms "Shhh babe, please, don't shout, it'll be ok. It's under control. Donovan is under watch..." He soothes. "So it IS true." I'm shaking with anger.

"You went out, and left me. You didn't tell me where you were going, hell Roman you could have been KILLED!!" I scream. I'm really angry.

India comes out of the room to see what's going on and she turns towards me. I feel myself starting to calm down but I fight it. "No....NO!" I push Roman away and kick open the door of the room.

He's tied to a chair, his head tilted to one side as he looks at me come in. His smile is possibly the most irritating thing I've ever seen.

"So you're Roman's little bit on the side. Did he tell you we go way back? He can't keep his guard up around me, let's hope you do a better job when it's both your turn to guard me." he smirks at me as I stalk across the room towards him.

I bend my face down, inches away from him, and hiss "I should just kill you right now you scum of the earth, parasitical, no good.." Suddenly he's free somehow and his hands are around my neck, one long nail pressed to my throat. "Nobody move or she dies." Ray, India and Roman freeze and he smiles "You honestly didn't think that those bonds would hold me did you?" He strokes a line across my artery as he speaks and grins manically. I'm still angry and I snarl at him.

He laughs and shakes his head at Roman. "She's a tough one, maybe not tough enough though. This will be the second person dear to you who's life I destroy." his eyes are half glazed as India tries to calm him enough to make him sleep. "Only this time Roman, I'll make sure she dies, even if you have to pry my dead body off her and my teeth from around her throat."

Roman growls, half in fear, half in anger, but me? I'm just really friggin pissed.

"You picked the wrong power." I gasp as I place two hands on his head. "Don't fool me, you're just a future freak." he says laughing at me. I see my stepfather in his eyes. Right then...And the hate builds up inside me. Roman can see it in my eyes that I'm about to do something drastic as I open up my mind and soul to the burning passion of my powers.

"Evolution baby." I whisper as my hands press against his face and then as I take all his memories it gets too much for me and I black out, just as I hear Donovan begin to scream.

The End

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