Penny: The PluralMature

Fire appeared on the side of Donovan and he screamed. I knew exactly who did it, Oval.
"I can do a whole lot worse" she hissed.

"Lucien you shouldn't have brought her down" I shout at him

"I didn't get a choice..... She blacked mailed me" he says ruffling his hair a laughing nervously.

"How so?" I asked

"Passion with held... she's in charge more actually then I am".

"Now Donovan" Oval continues "be burnt or speak" she says smiling.

Jake put him arms around me, "She's out doing you sweaty" I smiled and winked at Oval.

"What got her all fired up?"

"You came into the room threatened me and my children...TALK!" she shouts into Donovan's face.  Wait. Children? I thought it was child.

"Never" he gasps, she growls and tries to attack him but Lucien held her back, thank god.

"Okay now I am taking charge" Lucien whispers. "You'll have to do without us" he takes her out the room.

I turn on Donovan, Jake still holding me.

"You heard her." no answer. "Okay then, I think we'll stave you." he glared at me. "And because me, Jake, Blade and Roman caught you I think Domonic, Ray and India can take first shift guarding you. Is that okay?" I asked them. They agreed and the rest of the group dispersed. Me an Jake went up to our hideaway and I sat in his arms.


"Hmm."he said stroking my hair.

"She said children."

"She is pregnant Penny." he chuckled and I rolled my eyes.

"Yes but that's the word for more then one, other wise she would of said child. Do you think there having twins?" I felt him tense, but he didn't answer for a while.

"I don't know." he whispered. "It could of just been a slip of the tongue." he concluded.

I was confused and suspicious but I didn't press the situation. I could tell he was nervous.

The End

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