Oval: FireMature

I click my fingers and a flame burn Donovans cheek. He scream and everyone turns to see me.

"I can do a whole lot worse" I hiss. Lucien stands behind me ruffling his hair nervously.

"Lucien you shouldn't have brought her down" Penny shouts.

"I didn't get a choice...... she black mailed me" Lucien says laughing slightly.

"How so?" Penny asks.

"Passion with held.... she's in charge more actually than I am"

"Now, Donovan..... be burnt or speak" I say smiling.

"No" he whispers. I wave a hand and he begins to choke.

"She's out doing you on this sweety" Jake says putting her arms round Penny.

"What got her all fired up?"

"You came into my room threated me and my children... TALK!" I shout giving him back his air.

"Never" he gasps. I growl and try to attack but Lucien holds me back.

"Okay now I am taking charge" Lucien whispers. "You'll have to do without us"

Lucien takes me out of the room and I calm down.

"That Son of a-"

"Shh" Lucien whispers putting a finger to my lips. Then he kisses me softly. "Everything will be okay.... are children will be safe"

Don't worry Mummy.... we're not exactly normal.

I smile. "I belive all of you" I whisper pulling Lucien into a tight embrass while I cradle my tummy.

The End

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