India: DonovanMature

I heard a commotion downstairs, looked at Dom and hurried to see what was going on.  Roman, Blade and Jake were busy carrying Donovan in to the house.

'What are you doing?  He shouldn't be here!'  I didn't like it, he made me feel uneasy now I knew what he'd done to Dom and all those girls, what he wanted to do to me.

'I'm going to get some answers.'  Penny looked furious, her aura was practically smoking.  The boys tied Donovan to a chair, I wasn't sure if that would hold him but I didn't dare voice my fears in case Donovan hadn't noticed he could escape.

But the room quickly filled up with vampires so if he tried to escape he would have a hard time of it.  Neither Oval nor Lucien were here but Penny wasn't going to wait.

'What do you want?'

'Well I couldn't possibly tell you that.  It would take all the fun out of it.'  I gasped as Penny hit him square on the jaw.  'A feisty one.  Seems like you all have similar taste, don't you Dom.'

I used my new found powers to calm Dom as he tensed up.

'Don't do it he's not worth it.'  I whispered it but Donovan still managed to hear me.

'Gone soft have we blondie?  I would have expected more from you, the others put up much more of a fight.'  He put on that mock voice again.  'Oh no please don't kill me I don't want to die.'  I snapped and launched myself towards him, managing to land a few punches on him before Dom dragged me back.

'Donovan you son of a bi-'

'Now now language blondie.'  I was fuming, unfortunately I couldn't use my powers to change my mood.

The End

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