Penny: Slowly Slowly Aint Gunna Catch This MonkeyMature

I sat down and looked out of our little hideaway's window. Jake was with his brothers. Guy stuff. I rolled my eyes. We were ordered not to go outside. Jesus I was going to go crazy.  I kneeled up and put my forehead on the cold glass, I looked over to Oval's balcony. There was someone else there, and it wasn't Lucien. My eyes widened, bloody hell it was Donovan! I wasn't going to let him stick around and let him get away.

I ran down the stairs and burst into the drawing room,

"OK guys, it's action time!"

"What?" said Jake. I didn't have the time for questions.

"I need the two strongest and Jake." I said.

"Why?" They all looked confused.

"Just come on!" Blade and Roman stood up with Jake, "You two will do I suppose" I smiled. And ran out the house.

"Penny, what the hell is this all about!" Jake called.

"Slowly slowly aint gunna catch this monkey!" I laughed, "Ok here's the plan," I continued. "Two of you need to grab his arms and one on the legs, I'll deal with the sweet talk."
We ran through the forest until I picked up his scent again.

"Donovan?!" Jake muttered. He started to get angry.

"You know the plan?" I asked them,




"Awesome, see you there then." I turned into an eagle and soared onto the sky, searching the ground. It didn't take me long to find him. I swooped down changing in midair tackling him to the ground. He hissed at me, I didn't give a crap.

"Good-morning sunshine" I muttered, "It seems you like messing with pregnant vampires. Unfortunately you didn‘t consider the crazy aunt" he looked utterly perplexed. He struggled away from me, and started to run into the tree's again. I easily kept up with him easily, the three guys came threw the tree's at this point. I grabbed his wrist, twisted it lifting him up onto the air and threw him into the nearest tree.

"Whoa!" I heard Blade whisper to Jake.

I turned to face them across the small clearing "You guys gunna help or what?" I teased.  As planned, Jake and Blade held his arms and  Roman grabbed his legs as he was recovering himself.
I walked over to them and kneeled next to Donovan's head. I sweetly smiled at him.

"Ok then sunshine," I whispered stroking his hair "We can do this the easy way, or the hard way" I balled his hair into my hand and tugged watching him wince a little.
I stood up again and looked down at him, I put my foot lightly on his throat.  "As you probably know Donavon, we need answers." he tried to speak, but I shook my head and pushed down on his throat. "No speaky, until I finish" I threatened. "Now we are going to get those answers" I nodded down at him " weather you like it or not. Understand?" He nodded slightly.

"That's what I thought. Now I have noticed that you don't like to fight with more then two vampires at a time, so considering that there are four of us, there won't be much or a struggle as we take you to the house." I smiled at him. "Will there?" I threatened. 

The End

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