India: GirlsMature

We were back in our room now, I was sitting on the bed towldrying my hair and Dom was pacing up and down.

'OK I'll tell you, you should know so he doesn't catch you out next time.'  He sat next to me on my bed.

'There were other girls before you, human girls that I followed, sometimes I got involved with their lives.  I grew attached to them, they treated me like a normal person because they didn't know who I was.  Back then Donovan was a frequent visitor.'

'Right, I still don't see it, I have a past too, I've had other boyfriends, how is this any different?'

'Wait a bit and you'll see.'  He took a deep breath and started.  'The first few girls went missing after about the first few weeks.  No-one new where they were or what had happened to them, least of all me.  Then their bodies started to pile up.'

'They'd been killed.'  I could see how hard this was for Dom, his aura was filled with nerves and pain.  I desperately wanted to calm him down, let him know everthing was OK.

'They'd been drained of blood.  I mean he'd been good and made it look like they had been mauled to death by an animal in the woods but as a vampire I knew.'

'Who was it?'

'Donovan.  We moved here hoping to escape from him.  That's when I found Kathy.'

'Kathy Howard?'

'Yes, I was the reason why she died.  I didn't protect her so he murdered her.'  He was crying.  'But then you moved here, so full of energy and life, I knew you were my soul-mate.  I wasn't going to let him take you too.  That's why you had to become a vampire, you're less fragile then.'  I gave him a hug trying to make all his guilt and unhappiness go away.  And to my surprise it did, his aura changed before my eyes and became pink with contentment.

'Did I just do that?'  He had felt the change too.

'I think you just did.'

The End

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