Domonic: India, No!Mature

I ran towards the sound of the fighting, India was running beside me.

'India go back, it's too dangerous.'

'Not a chance Domonic!'  She ran ahead of me, I'd never seen her run like this before.  I reached the scene of the fighting just after her.  Donovan was looming over Ray who was lying crumpled on the ground.

India didn't stop running and threw herself at Donovan.

'India stop!'  I was too late.  She landed on his back and pull him off Ray by his hair but he threw her off far to easily and she hit a tree.  The impact made the tree splinter and fall.  Donovan picked her up by her hair and looked at her face.

'I remember this one, you belong with Dom.'  He turned to look at me.  'You really need to learn to pick your girls more carefully Dom, they're always so headstrong, which is admirable but very risky if they're not trained properly.'

'What do you mean other girls.'  India's face was streaked with pain.

'What he hasn't told you?'  Donovan put on a face of mock surprise.  'I'm sorry I thought he would have told you about the ones that came before you, and how they died.'

'That's enough.'   I trough myself at Donovan knocking India's hair from his grasp and pinning him to the floor.

'Have I upset you?  I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.'  His smugness was infuriating and I pulled back my arm to hit him but the downward swing was caught by Lucien.

'Stop Dom.  Remember what Father said.'  I drew back and collected India up in my arms.

'This isn't over Donovan, not by a long way.'

'I know, I look forward to our next little skirmish.'  He inclined his head towards us in a form of mock politeness and the promptly disappeared.

'Are you OK India?'  Her beautiful hair was looking knotted and muddy and tears were falling from her eyes.

'I'm alright now.  What did he mean about other girls?  What happenned to them Dom?'

The End

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