India: FearMature

The meeting was tense, no-one wanted to ask how bad this could be but everyone was nervous.  It was weird, the world had never only had one colour before.  Ray and Maple left fairly quickly after the announcement was made.

'I'm very sorry but I will have to put down some rules.  Don't leave the house unless you are hunting and when you do leave make sure you don't leave our territory.  Always travel in at least pairs so if there is trouble someone can come back for help.  I hope you understand.  We can't attack Donovan, not until we know what they want.' 

Shaun was looking so serious as he turned to face Oval.  'And you are not to leave the house until your child is born safely and after that only with my permission.'  He swept from the room.

'As if I would be going anywhere soon with a stomach this size!'  It was true, Oval was starting to look enormous!

'Are you alright Dom?  You look green.'

'Sorry it's just I've had dealings with Donovan before and they didn't end too well.'

'What do you mean, they didn't end well?'

'People died India.  I don't want that to happen again, not to you.'  I hugged him.

'Don't worry about me, I'm tougher than you think.'  Maple came crashing into the room, blood down her front.

'He's here and they're fighting, please help!'  Dom ran outside followed by most of his brothers and me hot on his heals.

The End

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