Ray : DeerMature

"Donovan's back." My hand tighten a little around Maple's fingers as Lucien says those words. I feel her confused eyes on me, but I don't say anything. Memories flash through my head of what happened. I peek at Dominic.

"Ray?" Maple whispers in my ear, I turn around and kiss her lightly on the lips.

"Don't worry."

"I'm hungry."

Shit. I forgot. She hasn't even eaten since changing, she must be starving.

"I'm sorry, we'll go now." I turn to the others. "We have to go, sorry." They nod at us and we leave.

Jumping out of the window, I land with Maple on my back giggling.

"Stay here," I mouth to her after putting her lightly on the ground.

I could still feel her warm breath on my neck as I pounce on a deer easily, bringing it down. Carrying it back to Maple, I see her eyes widen and her lips tremble. I put it on the ground, back on the ground.

"Watch," I instruct her, crouching down. "The easiest and cleanest way to do this, is to find the aorta. Largest artery." I take out a knife and cut into the deer. The blood flows out quickly, I reach into my pocket and bring out a straw. Passing it to Maple, I gesture for her to drink it. She frowns a little, but does, with her eyes closed. Blood travels up the straw and into her mouth. Immediately I see energy flood into her cheeks, brightening her pale face up.

I feel someone behind me. I turn. I see Donovan.

"Hello Ray."

The End

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