Lucien: FetchingMature

I run into the forest trying to sence a Deer.... Maybe even one for myself. It's then I spot Dom fighting someone else.

Who ever it is is winning? I run over and turn kicking out my foot connecting with the guys head. He tumble to the floor but gets into a croach easily. Then I see who it is.

"Donovan" I hiss. Dom gets to his feet painfully.

"Hiya Lucien, how you doing?" he spits the blood out of his mouth on to the forest floor.

"Get out of here Dom" I hiss.

"No, you should leave Oval needs you"

"I'll finish this squabble by leaving" then he's gone. I curse and kick out at a tree.

"That bastard" I hiss.

"Yeah" Dom mutters. "I need to find India"

"I'll just fetch a Deer before going back" I tell him.

"Be carefull Lucien he's still out there" Dom says looking at me hard.

"He's to ingured to fight and I always beat him in an equal fight" Dom nods then runs off.

I go and find two Deer's drinking from one and carrying the other back to the house. Oval is waiting in the garden and just as I put it down she hugs me.

"God, Dom just told me what happened" she whispers and leans back slightly to look at me in the eye. "Next time just come back"

I nod. "Drink while its still fresh" I mutter and she goes carefully over to the Deer leaning gently to its neck.

"We'll have to call a meeting" I mutter looking up at the sky.

The End

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