Oval: CountingMature

I look at the darkness outside. "4 Days" I mutter. "And counting"

I hear the door open and close then Lucien's arms are around me. He kisses the side of my neck moving up along it. I hit his arm and he lets go.

"Why not?" he mutter looking at me hungrily.

"I'm pregnant dummy" I mutter kissing him softly on the lips. He keeps his close when I pull back.

"So know passion at all then" he mutters nibbling my bottom lip. I pull away and turn my head smiling.

"They hear everything you know" I tell him. What don't you want us to see??

"And now they're suspisious" I say waving my arms out then dropping them back to the balcony's railing.

"You need to hunt.... I could fetch you something" Lucien mutters.

"That would be nice" I tell him. He nods and vaults the balcony landing on the ground perfectly.

"Don't be out to long" I call. He won't mummy..... We can sense it.

"Thanks honey's" I say moving back inside. "Five more days to go and counting"

Then I sit on the bed grabbing the bucket and throwing up. Sorry mummy.

"Not your fault kiddo's all mums are sick when they're pregnant"

The End

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