India: OutsideMature

I needed to go for a walk.  Most of all I was so hungry, I needed to feed.  It didn't take long for Dom and I to track down a young deer and we fed.  It was nice outside on the dark, peaceful and quiet, so we stayed there for a while.

Dom told me a bit about his life.  If my mum had thought some of my boyfriends had been to old for me she would have had a fit about Dom.  He was over a centuary older than me, sure he looked 18 but still.

We were sitting under a tree when a figure appeared before us.

'Get behind my India.'  Dom's arms immediately pushed me behind him as he addresed the figure.  'You know you aren't allowed here so I suggest you leave.'

'Why are rules there except to be broken.'  A man sauntered towards us out of the shadows.  'Come on Dominic, you used to be such fun.  So much fire and passion and now look what's happened to you!  Hopelessly in love with a girl whose heart still belongs to another.'  He cackled.

'You lie!'

'Can't you see it Dom? The way she looks at you, the way she kisses you, it means nothing to her.  She just wants him, you're the bit on the side.'

'India, go back to the house.'

'I'm not-'

'GO BACK TO THE HOUSE.'  I stepped back as Dom hurled himself at the man.  They were so brutal, tearing at each others flesh.  I had to go get help so I ran as fast as I could.  Please let Dom be OK until I can get back.

The End

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