Lucien: TelepathicMature

"Theie telepathic?" I ask my eyes widening with shock.

"I think so" Oval whispers looking back at her stomach. "But something tells me their powers go way beyond just speaking into someone's head"

I look at the floor consentrating then feel a cold soft touch on my cheek. I look down at Oval.

"It will be okay" she whispers. I nod and smile. She can cope, Oval won't die she's to strong to die.

"I'm happy but just worried about you" I whisper.

"Don't be" she says sitting up and taking my face in both hands. "I can tell I'll be alright"

"How can you be so certain?" he whispers.

"Cause they says so" she says looking down at her tummy and craddling it softly. "They love me and they say they'll protect me"

I lea close to her tummy and press my ear to it.We won't let mummy die daddy.

I pull away. "They spoke didn't they" she says looking at me confused. "What did they say?"

"You didn't hear it" As soon as the words are out of my mouth I know the answer those words were meant for me and me alone. Oval shakes her head being gental.

"What did they say?"

"That they wouldn't allow you to get hurt" I mutter not wanting to tell her the truth. Even our children know the danger off this birth and strangely hearing them say those words to my mind makes me almost certain Oval won't die.

"My angels" Oval whispers. She stares sort of lovingly at the lump with a bit of hesitation there. Now I know what India mean't, she is slightly weak...... but I know she'll still fight to save our children.

I pull Oval into my arms and lay down with her laying back along me.

"I love you" I whisper in her ear and she smile up at me.

"I love you too" then I lean down to kiss her softly. Everything will be fine I'm sure of it.

Only 6 more days to go.

The End

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