Oval: Kick.... speak?Mature

It's the next day and well..... news travels fast and it seems everyone's there for me.

Me and Penny are in the garden and I breth the cool air in. Then.... kick.

I gasp and cluck my stomach. "What is it?" Penny asks terrified running over to me.

We love you mummy. What the fuck was that?

"The babies just kicked and...... Oh my god Penny there psychic" I cry grabbing the girls shoulders.

"What?" she shouts. Uh, this is strange.

"We need to find Lucien" I say already on my way back inside.

"Okay" Penny says arm around me and helping me up the stairs...... Note to self, never get fucking pregnant again.

"Lucien" Penny shouts when we spot him on the hallway ahead. He turns and runs over immediatly pulling my to his side gently. I keep a hand on my tummy and feel them kick again.

"The little buggers" I hiss through my teeth.

"What?" Lucien asks confused.

"They kicked" Penny explains. Lucien gasps then puts a hand to my belly. I put mine on top and thump.

Lucien is suddenly kissing me and I can hear Penny's small laughter in the background.

"You two, perfect match" she says shaking her head. Lucien pulls back and rests his forehead on mine even though he has to turn his head cause we're still side by side.

"I think we'll be okay now Penny" I say looking over at her. She smiles and nods before walking off down the hallway.

I take Lucien's hand and we go to our room and sit on the sofa, me lying back against him along his chest.

"Everyone's being so surpportive" Lucien mutters.

"Why didn't you think they would? There family Lucien. Family's stay by each other through any problem" I look back at him and reach up to stroke his cheek.

The I wince. Is that daddy?

"Okay that's getting weirder" I say putting my hands on the small bulge.

"What is?" Lucien asks.

"They keep talking to me in my head"

The End

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