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When Oval is feeling a bit better I carefully got her to her feet and helped her towards her room.  Her stomach is already looking more swollen than when I first saw it.  Vampire pregnancies are fast!

I'm tenderly helping her into bed when Lucien bursts in.

'I need to talk to you Oval.'  Her aura is screaming fear at me and I squeeze her hand.

'If you need me just call.'  She looks at me, eyes pleading.

'Stay, please.'  I look at Lucien.

'May I?'  He looks reluctant but eventually agrees.

'But only if you swear not to tell anyone what I'm about to say, not even Dom.  Not yet'  I nod.  This must be bad.  Lucien comes over to the bed and takes Oval's other hand.

'Lucy has had a vision.'

'Is everything OK?'

'Sort of.'  His face is contorted.  He doesn't know how to say it.  'Oval... we're having twins.'  Oval's eyes glaze over.  Her aura is blank.  There is no emotion for a good few minutes.  When some colour eventually creeps in it is a very pale yellow.  At leat she's happy.

I try to give Lucien a heads up as to her emotions by smiling at him but he is too intent on Oval to notice me.

'That's... amazing.'  She throws her arms around Lucien and hugs him.  But Lucien is still worried.

'I know isn't it.'

'Lucien, can I have a quick word outside?'  Lucien gives Oval a kiss before I lead him outside.  'What is really bothering you?'


'I can tell something is wrong.  Besides the fact that you are an awful lier your aura is so murky.  Tell me what is wrong.'

'Twins.  Births for vampires are hard when it is just one child, but.. twins.  There have been very few cases where a vampire mother has survived the birth of twins.'  His eyes were starting to fill with tears.  'I don't want to lose her.'  I hugged him.

'It'll be fine.  There are so many people here to help you.  Oval and the babies will be fine.  We'll all look after them.  I don't think you should tell her though.'  Lucien looked shocked.  'She is already on edge, her moods are hitting a low I have never seen before.  The possibility she might die may throw her over the edge.'

'OK.  I won't tell if you won't.'

'I won't.'

'Could you go tell Lucy and Roman what's happening.  They are the only other people who know.  No-one else is to hear of this, especially Father.  I'll tell them when I'm ready.'  I give him one last hug.

'I'm always here if you need me.  For all of you.'


The End

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