Roman: What did you see?Mature

I can't believe it...I really can't believe it! Oval is pregnant.. what the hell was he thinking? I punch the wall and see Lucien standing in the doorway looking at me.

"I'm happy for you bro, but this is really bad timing." I say, resting my head against the wall. "I know" he whispers, his eyes are haunted looking. "I don't want my child to have to fight." I turn to hug him but Lucy has beaten me to it. She squeezes him and then steps back and looks at him. "You're my brother now" she says softly "and Oval is my sister. So I'm making a vow right now that I will not let anything happen to my little niece or nephew." she puts her free hand over her heart as she speaks and suddenly she gasps and drops to her knees.

Lucien grabs her as she falls but I'm there in a flash, kneeling beside her and taking her face in my hands. "Lucy?" her eyes are glazed and then suddenly she looks up, not at me, but at Lucien. "You...she..." her whole body is trembling and Lucien looks panicked. "What's wrong with her?" he looks at me.

I turn to Lucy and cup her chin in my hand. "What did you see?" I ask her slowly.


"What about her?"

Then she speaks one word and Lucien gasps. "Tell nobody of this. I have to tell Oval." He vanishes out the door looking like a broken man.

The End

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