Lucien: MeetingMature

I watch Oval go and want to run after her but know she needs time allown.

"Thanks" I hiss at my father.

"You know a meeting would have to happen" My father says lazily. "Get Roman to gather everyone"

I curse then go of to find Roman. He's in his room and this time more decent. "Get everyone in the dining room, ergent family meeting" I tell him then head off for the dining room myself barely acknowledging his nod.

I hear shouts then soon we are all gathered in the dining room, me being the only one out of my brothers alone and they clearly notice.

Oh, great they probably gonna be more worried now. My father walks in and he sits in the chair at the head of the table calmly.

"You have been gathered here cause Lucien and Oval recently brought me great news" my father says smiling. I wince at the words.

"Oval became a vampire earlier this night and it seems that before this happened....... she became pregnant"

"What?" all my brothers and Caroline shout at the same time. I wince again.

"Where's Oval?" Penny asks, whose Jake's partner. I look at her.

"In our room" I mutter. She gets out of her chair and almost runs out of the room.

"Like I said this is marvolous news" My father says after registering the fact Penny's gone. I see Jake staring longingly at the door and getting his attention shake my head.

"How is it good news Father? This means we'll have a psychic vampire on our hands. It will be difficult on Oval and Lucien" Roman hisses.

"I understand but I have full cofidence that they will beable to cope" my father says. Ur, I can't take this anymore. I rise angrily from my chair it falling back againt the floor and then I storm out of the room. I go out side and run into the forest, releasing my anger out on a near by Deer.

How can he talk like that? I knew he'd be happy but... I drop the Deer and realise I've been real messy.

I storm back to the house and up to the my room to find Oval hugging Penny tears spilling from her eyes.

When Oval spots me she walk over into my arms and begins crying again ignoring the blood thats on my shirt.

I hear Penny slowly retreat out the door.

"It will be okay" I whisper.

"I know, Penny thinks so to.... I'm just scared" she cries then I carry her over to the bed and lie down hugging her to my chest.

The End

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