Oval: Uh, I'm PregnantMature

Lucien takes my hand in his tightly as we approach his father's office.

"Don't worry" he whispers and I nod silently. He knocks lightly and a hand automatically goes to my belly before I pull it away quickly.

"Come in" Shaun's voice comes calmly. Lucien opens the door and we walk in silently.

We sit down on the two seats in front of his fathers desk. Shaun finishes to write his note place down his pen, then leans forward resting his chin on his gripped fists.

"Yes?" he ask looking directly at Lucien.

"We need to tell you something" Lucien whisper looking at me. Shaun does the same.

"Uh, I'm preganant" I whisper.

"Marvolous" Shaun exclaims jumping to his feet and walking round the desk to kneel in front of me. "This must of happened before you transformed as I can see it has happened..... you are looking splendid by the way"

"Um, thank you" I mutter. I feel a pain in my throat. "I'm gonna be sick"

Suddenly Shaun grabs a bin putting it under my muth as I vomit up blood.

"Uhh" I say pushing it away. Vomited blood doesn't smell at all like the warm liquid blood I drank from the Deer earlyer.

"Are you okay?" Lucien says pulling my closer. I nod and cuddle up to him.

"We need to have a family meeting" Shaun says standing up.

"What?" I shout jumping up and gasping at the pain in my stomach. Lucien supports me as I clutch my stomach in pain.

"I'm fine" I choke out then look up at Shaun. "You can have this meeting but I won't be there"

Then with that I run out of the room and upstairs to mine and Lucien's room slamming the door shut behind me.

A pain winces through me and I grab the bin next to the door throwing up once again. I put the bucket on the floor creating a quick fire which burns the contents even though it's liquid.

Then quickly go to the balcony and it's only then I realise I'm burning up slightly, so I welcome the cool touch of the wind.

But have to make my way soon back inside to wrap myself in the covers sitting on the bed.

The End

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