Maple : LoveMature

"So what are the family traditions here?" I ask, snuggling into Ray's arms. We watch the moon appear and disappear behind the clouds every now and then, and a gentle breeze fill the warm evening air.

"Well, new year is often celebrated by going down to the hospital and collecting a few blood bags, which we then pour into soup dishes so it looks posh." Blood. I forgot, I'm a vampire now. I'll need blood. I'd have to drink blood. "You okay?" I look up and nod. "Actually, you look a bit pale. I'll take you hunting tomorrow. Don't worry about it too much."

"EMERGENCY FAMILY MEETING! NOW, LOVE BIRDS!" I hear Roman's voice rippling through the air. Love birds? Psychic vampires. Ray puts my hand around his shoulders and picks me up as if I'm just a couple of feather pillows. I giggle and kiss on the cheek as he enters the house.

The End

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