Lucien: BabyMature

I pace across the floor having got dressed quickly.

"This is bad" I say turning to look at her. She has her hands on her tummy and is glaring it hoping it will go away. I frown sadly and kneel in front of her taking her hands in mine and kissing them before gripping them tightly.

"What are we going to do?" she asks in a whisper looking up at me her bright silver eyes almost cluded over.

"Theres nothing we can do..... Vampire pregnancy's last only nine days" I mutter.

"Instead of nine months" Oval chokes out, a tear slide down her cheek and I pull her into a hug.

"I'm so sorry, its all my fault" I mutter into her hair as she grips my shirt desperately.

"It's... not... all..... your fault" she says between sobs.

I stay silent because it is mostly my fault...... Vampires don't get easily pregnant so this must of happened when....

I bare my teeth then try to calm myself but I know Oval can tell I'm angry from my tense body cause she looks up.

"Please calm down" she whispers putting a hand on my cheek. It feel soft against my skin and I relax automatically.

"I'm sorry.... its just that this could have only happened so easily when..... you were human" I tell her closing my eyes to keep away the anger as I speak.

"Why so?" she asks and I open my eyes to see the confusion in hers.

"Vampires don't get as pregnant as easily..... it's sort of like the females don't get preganant unless they want to cause.... well while they can have children they sort of don't have ummm..." My voice trails off.

"Periods? Menstrual Cycle?" she says smirking slightly at my embarassment to say the word.

"Yeah" I mutter looking away. "That how I know this happened when you were human"

"We'll have to tell your dad" she whispers.

"Yeah" I say. "I'm not gonna enjoy that"

"He won't be happy?" she asks.

"No the exact opposite...... he'll be really happy cause the child will have gifts like... you"

I watch the realisation dawn on her face. "He won't expect my child to fight will he?"

"No straight away.... once born we age normally and we automatically become a vampire at whatever age we want unless it's forced on us" I tell her.

"This is turning out to be real complicated" Oval whispers burying her face in my shirt.

"Tell me about it" I mutter holding her tight.

The End

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