Lucien: ThirstyMature

We finally made it back to our room and I lay on the bed with Oval silently. Then she unconciousally reaches up to her throat before looking at it strangely.

I chuckle and take her hand. "Hungry" I whisper in her ear.

"Not really.... actually I'm starving" She say smiling up at me.

"What you want? Deer or rabbit?" I ask brushing my lips along hers.

"Hmm, Deer" She whispers back. Then I quickly kiss her before getting to my feet. She jumps up happily and I take her hand leading to the baclony. I raise a foot to the ledge and she looks at me uncertainly.

"Come on, it's safe vampires reflexes are like a cats" I tell her. She nods uncertain then joins me on the edge.

We jumps down and I land stedily while Oval finds a bit harder. She stumbles and falls to the floor laughing. I smile and offer her my hand which she takes allowing me to pull her to her feet.

"Ready?" I whisper against her lips, a part of her body I just can't seem to leave alone.

"Yep" She says stepping away and I twirl her in a circle. We let go and take off into the forest Oval staying three paces behind me.

I stop and hold her back gesturing for her to be quiet. Then slowly I point at the large female Deer in a small clearing of the forest.

"Just flow with your intincts" I whisper and allow her to take off. She moves between the trees gracefully and silently and I can't help but admire her.

Then she tackles down the Deer and lows her mouth to its neck. I smile and turn to find another Deer.

I take it down cleanly and turn to find Oval waiting but smiling. Then I see her dress and laughs. She looks down at it and pouts angrily.

"It's not funny, your messy as well" she says indicating my blood soaked jeans and blood speckled chest. "Why didn't you put on a top?"

She inclines her head as she asks this question and I can't help but gasp. I jump to my feet and pull her into my arms pressing my lips passionately down on hers.

She's shocked at first but returns the kiss happily. "I love you" I whisper and feel her lips smile just before I kiss her again.

The End

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