Penny: Yin and YangMature

Jake knocked on the office door and waited for a reply. The door opened slowly a minute later.

“What is it my child?!” concern was spread across Shaun’s face.

“We need some information.”

“Then come in, come in my children!”

We sat down on the two arm chairs opposite Shaun at his desk. I was completely bewildered. I had no idea what was going on!

“What is concerning you Jake?”

“Penny doesn’t feel hungry, and her hearts beating. It didn’t and doesn’t hurt her at all.” Jake took a deep breath in and stared at Shaun until he came up with an answer.

“Well this is very unusual.” Shaun muttered.

“What is?!” I suddenly burst.

“Well most of the other new borns will be hungry by now. Feeling the burn in there throats. You on the other hand, you don’t feel anything. Maybe this is because you a shape shifter.”

“How is this because Penny’s a shape shifter?!” Jake asked. I squeezed his hand gently.

“Well because she can turn into everything, she see’s the views of every creature. So when she feeds she can see and feel the pain they go through. There for her body would rather not eat at all and survive, then eat anything at all.”

“Right.” he seemed glad with this answered. Like he didn’t want me to see him hunt. “But what about her heart?” Shaun turned to me.

“Tell me child, what star sign are you?”

“Libra.” I answered. He nodded and smiled.

“Well Jake is a Gemini.”

“What has that got to do with anything?” Jake asked. He was getting inpatient.

“Well the Libra and the Gemini go together like yin and yang. So when Penny became a vampire she could already detect your presence Jake.” I nodded understanding. But Jake still wanted more.

“I still don’t understand father.” I answered him before Shaun could even take a breath.

“It means that we were meant to be, before we even knew it. Before I even became a vampire.”

“That explains a lot then.” Jake muttered.

“What explains a lot Jake?” Shaun asked.

“When I first saw Penny in the woods,… when I was getting my mind of things,… it was about three months ago.”

“What was three months ago?” me and Shaun said in sync.

“….My heart started beating.” Silence.

“You heart started beating with a human?!” Shaun asked. Jake nodded.

“I didn’t think it was possible father, I thought I was imagining it!” Jake stumbled with his words. Shaun looked at me with the biggest smile on his face.

“You are quite a creature Penny!” he exclaimed. “There has only been one other recorded heart beat for a human., and that was thousands of years ago. This means that you two have a more emotional relationship then the others. You understand each other. Let‘s just say that you both complete each others puzzles. Not everything is based on your physical relationship.” Shaun leaned back on his chair quite pleased with himself and proud of his son.

“So there’s nothing wrong with me?”

“Oh dear child, no. You are just a match made in heaven.”

“Well we are sorry disturb you Father.” Jake got up and lead me too the door. “Good night.” I turned and said my farewell too.


The End

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