Penny: Play Boy MansionMature

I saw India running up the stairs with Dom. Innocent India my arse. I smiled and turned to Jake.

"What is this the Play Boy Mansion?" I muttered to Jake.

"What?" I could tell he was confused by the statement. I arched one of my eyebrows and discreetly pointed up to the stairs. He followed my gaze.

"Oh!" I held my hand up to my mouth to stifle my laughter. He started laughing too after the shock wore off and hugged me into his chest. We were laughing for about a minute until we were interrupted.

"What are you two laughing at then?" said an amused voice. I curled out of the hug but Jake still held on to my waist.  It was Shaun.

"Oh, nothing. I'm sorry if we disturbed the party."

"Don't worry child. It seems everyone has retired to there bedrooms. I just wanted to wish you a goodnight." 

"Thank you for your company Father, and a goodnight to you too." he smiled and turned walking in the direction of his office.

"Well everybody's gone to bed." Jake smiled.

"I'm not tired, and I am so not being awake all night listening to this love fest."  I giggled. "Why Don't we go for a walk in the woods?" I asked.

"Sounds good to me"

We walked out of the double doors from the dining hall, and into the forest.

"You know, I love the forest at night."

"It's nice and peaceful isn't it. No interruptions to your thoughts."

"Indeed. Unless you have a six foot six vampire holding your hand." I smiled at myself in the dark.

"I suppose that could be a reasonable distraction." we laughed together.

We came to a clearing and we lied down together on the ground. I snuggled up to him and rested my head on his chest, looking up at the stars.

"Is it weird that I don't feel hungry?" I asked.

"You don't feel hungry?"

"No. Is that unusual?" I was getting concerned. Maybe I didn't get changed right.

"It it. You feel hungry a couple of hours after you've met your partner. Most of them will be starting to feel a burn in there throat right about now."

"Why Don't I?"

"I have no idea Penny." He started to stroke my hair. "We might have to ask Father."

"Really!" I moaned.

"Im afraid so." 

We lied in silence for about fifteen minutes. Just enjoying each other company.

"And my heart is beating slower then before, like when I was human it was beating normally but when I woke up it was slower. I thought it was because I was feeling like crap but now that I feel fine it's quite worrying." I continued.

"Your hearts beating?" I nodded.  "Come on." He sat up. "We need to go and see Father." 


"Because we need to get some information." he helped me up and we ran back to the house in silence.

The End

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