India: PainMature

I had a good talk with Caroline, she seemed to like me more now I was a vampire.  I think her problem is she's protective.  It's nice though to know she's looking out for her brothers.

Dom and I didn't last very long apart.  After about two minutes he would appear by my side, arms aroms my waist and kissing my neck.  I hadn't felt this powerful an emotion before not even with Leo and I thought we were as intense a couple as you could get.  We weren't particularly good company so Dom drew me into a dark corner where we could be alone.

He whispered in my ear 'let's go back upstairs' and started nibbling my earlobe.

'I thought you were the one who wanted to be sociable.'

'Yeah well... I can change my mind.'

'You seem different.'

'If I do then it is just because of you.'  We stayed in that corner kissing until Blade spotted us and yelled at us to get a room.  So we did.  Dom was a bit more careful this time and my dress came off in one piece but I couldn't say the same about me and his t-shirt.

We were lying in bed and Dom was kissing me when something really weird happened.  I started to get this ache in my chest.  It was like a storm that eventually built up to a screaming crescendo and my body started to convulse with pain.

'India.'  Dom was in a state of utter panic.  'What's wrong?'

'There's this pain in my chest.'

'OK wait there I'll get help.'  I didn't want him to leave but I didn't have the strength to stop him.  By the time he had returned with Lucien the pain had stopped, but something was different and I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

'How do you feel?'

'Different.  I'm not sure what's different though.'  Lucien was looking at me carefully.

'Where was the pain?'

'Just here.'  I put my hand ontop of my heart and realise what is different.  'It's beating.  My heart.  Is it meant to do that?  I thought I was dead.'  I hear a gasp.  Oval is standing by the door.

'It's happening so fast.'  Lucien goes over to her and wraps his arms around her.

'It's OK.  We're just going to have to get used to it.'  He then sat back down on our bed with his arms still around Oval.  'I'll explain.  When two vampires form a bond, soulmates if you will, then their hearts will start beating again.  It means you're meant to be.'

Dominic pulled me into a tight embrace and whispered, 'I knew it.'

The End

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