Oval: HeartbeatMature

As we kiss something bangs in my chest and I gasp so does Lucien. He bolts up into a sitting position.

"That's what he was on about" Lucien mutters.

"Who was on about?" I ask but he's already up and out the door. I jump up and follow him to Roman's room. He knocks on the door.

Roman steps out only wearing a pair of trousers just like Lucien. Okay, seems we're not the only ones, I think looking at the floor shuffling my foot.

"We need to talk about the beat" Lucien hisses. Roman's eyes widen and he flicks a look at me.

"You felt it" Roman says looking back at Lucien.

"Yes and I now what it is now. The Beat is a powerful bond you can form. You connect your heart with someone elses but your heart has to be dead as well as the others for the form to happen" Lucien explains, he looks back at me and I blush. "Your heart will beat in each in each others present until they freeze once again but if one of you truely dies the other will"

"So your saying you link your life to someone else's" Roman asks.

"Yes" Lucien whispers. "The faster the beat the closer you are to the link"

"Oh" Roman says.

"Your's is starting to beat quicker isn't it" Lucien says and Roman nods. "Be careful" Then he turns back to me and we return our room.

"So is this going to happen to all of us" I ask.

"Unfortunately yes" he whispers pulling me into a hug once we're in our room. I lean up and kiss him.

The End

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