Lucy: HeartbeatMature

Roman drags me back inside. "How did you know where I was?" he asks.

"I closed my eyes to try and sense you and suddenly I was standing just behind the tree, and I saw Ray crying tears of blood." I look up at him with sad eyes. "He really loves her doesn't he?" Roman nods and looks away. Suddenly he scoops me up and carries me off up the stairs to the bedroom. "I have to tell you something" he mutters.

Roman sits me down and tells me all about how Ray became. "You're the only other person that knows that and I beg you not to repeat it." he holds my face in his hands and searches my eyes. "It could cost me my life, and I don't want to leave you unprotected. I love you."

My heart starts to burn and I cry out, lurching forwards against him and clutching my chest. "Owww" I cry and suddenly he's kissing me and the pain starts to subside and then I feel my heart, it's beating again.

Roman takes my hand and places it on his chest and I feel his heart beating too. "The vampire heart. A sign of destined true love." he whispers.

I lie back on the bed and pull him down on top of me. He kisses me passionately and I respond, moving my body against his. I run my tongue along his bottom lip and he growls like a tiger. "I want to eat you up." he says kissing me again. "Please don't" I giggle "What would you do without me then?" I brush my lips against his ear and run my hands up his tshirt and along his bare back. He groans "Luce what are you doing to me?" he buries his head in the pillow beside my head until I start kissing his neck. Then he lifts his head up and looks at me and there's something wild in his eyes. The two of us become a blur of movement as we kiss and somehow our clothes end up in a heap on the floor and he holds me in his arms as he leans over me. "I love you Luce." he whispers as the two of us shiver and then lie still, tangled in the sheets of his huge bed. I run my hand through his hair. "I love you too Ro."

We lie like that for hours, just listening to each other's heartbeat. A heartbeat that we shouldn't have.

The End

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