Ray : Dinner PartyMature

I clutch Maple's hand closely, enjoy it while it lasts, eh? We walk down the marble staircase and see that most of my brothers are already downstairs. Looking at Maple, the dress fits her perfectly, carving out the femaleness of her body. I can't help but glance at her every other second, hoping she wouldn't notice. A lovely fragrance surrounds her, and her eyes shine beautifully. Maple turns to look at me, then leans up to give me a peck on the cheek. I smile back, ignoring the fact that my temperature suddenly goes up by a few degrees.

Father comes over to greet us.

"Ray!" he exclaims, clapping me on the shoulder, "Enjoying yourself? And who may this beautiful lady be?" I put my arm around Maple's waist, I'm taking risks, but this might be the only time I can do this.

"I'm Maple, nice to meet you, sir." She sings, her voice full of sweetness but also a hint of sadness.

"Please, call me Shaun." My dad replies, she smiles, that small movement lighting up her whole face. "And what is your power, Maple?"

"I can manipulate light." She holds up a ball of light in her palm to show Father.

"Wonderful! Great job, Ray. This is perfect. Welcome to the family, Maple." I sigh in relief as he leaves, he didn't notice.

Lucy waves Maple over to her and she catches my eye. I look at Maple, she is so much happier when with Lucy. Not with me though, never with me. She seems to glow, creating her own shade of mood. Then Roman finds me, and takes me out to the hallway.

The End

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