Lucien: ChangingMature

When she passes out I gather her clothes and dress her, putting on some trouser as I do so. Then I sit next to her stroaking her hair. She fidget's slightly and I look at her worried.

Sometimes the change can be painful..... it wasn't for my brothers partners. Hmm, I pass a hand over her face softly and a smile appears.

Like before all I can think of peaceful. It will be a slight while till she wakes up and I'll wait. I rest back against the broken head board and pull her on to my lap.

Oval snuggles in automatically and I can feel my blood tingling. So this is how a blood bond feels. That plus the soul bond which I only share with Oval.

My brothers share them slightly but.... strangely its more stronger with me and Oval.

I watch as her skin begins to pale over then she slowly opens her eyes. She looks up at me and opens her eyes.

"Hiya" she whispers a soft note in her tone. I gasp. It's not her teeth that shock me but her eyes.

They glow silver and contain small speckles of smokey gray. I reach out to touch her cheek and she smile making my heart lurch.

"I love you" I whisper resting my forehead against her eyes closed.

"I love you t... Hmm" her voice trails off. I open my eyes pulling slightly back to look at her. She looks down at her arms confused.

"What?" I ask.

"The bruises are gone" she mutters looking back up at me.

"Your body heals when you change" I tell her. She smiles then hands on my cheeks she kisses me and I don't have to worry about my streagth as I pull her to me kissing her back just as passionately.

The End

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