Oval: OuchMature

I wake up slowly. I can tell it night now and everyone's just probably leaving the little get together down stairs.

I move slightly a wince. There are two bruises on my arms and they sting slightly as I move.

"I'm sorry about that" Lucien mutters. I look up to see him looking down at me his eyes full of sadness and worry but a hungry flame burns behind them. I shrug then wince again. "We're not doing that again"

I pout angrily. But that exprience was amazing.... I mean really amazing. I mean it was jus a feeling of oneness and passion and I could help but feel my heart ache when he said those words.

"Why not?" I ask.

"One you got hurt two look up" I look up to find the headboard cracked in half. "And three... its not only your arms that's bruised"

I look down at myself. "Ouch" I mutter.

"For Pete's sake Oval, stop taking this so calmly" he shouts at me his eyes burning.

"How do you expect me to take it?" I ask.

"Angry, upset... I don't know just not calmly" He says rolling on to his side to look at me.

"Well, actually.... I'm not any of those things" I mutter. "That was one of the best things of my life to bad you don't feel the same"

His body tenses and he tilts up my chin. "You think I didn't enjoy it" he whispers. I look into his eyes and see the sad look. Then he kisses me.

I gasp and pull back.

"Change me" I whisper against his lips.

"Are... are you sure?" he mutters back. I nod and tilt my head. He leans to it and I feel his teeth pierced my skin.

I feel the rush of what ever it is that changes you before he puls back. "I love you" he whispers kissing my passionatly before I pass out.

The End

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