Lucy: Erm..hi?Mature

I love this dress that Caroline picked out for me. It certainly did make Roman's jaw drop, just like she said it would. Caroline scares me but I think we'll get on ok, she seems nice enough.

I walk around the room with Roman, well, Roman walks around the room with me actually. He won't take his hand from around my waist. I like it though so I'm not complaining. I see Caroline sitting on a chair in a bit of a sulk but mostly bored and I catch her eye. Her expression begs me to come and save her from the guy she's talking to. "I'll be over in a minute." I mouth but her eyes just widen in a warning look and I turn around to look behind me. It's their dad Shaun. Oh god.

Roman's hand tightens on my waist and he pulls me forward to meet his father. "Ah Roman, I see you've behaved yourself for almost a full day. Maybe this young girl will be good for you." Shaun's voice is smooth and his accent is very cultured. I try to smile but I can feel my teeth chattering in my head. Roman just grins "Oh well, most likely it won't last for long Dad, you know that."

Shaun looks at me then and smiles. "And what is your power my dear?" I twirl my hair around my fingertips nervously. "Well I'm not sure of the full extent of it yet to be honest but I can see the future and alter people's dreams or something? Roman just told me today so I'm not really sure. I never knew what it was before, I thought it was just my mind getting into the routine of getting beaten every..." I trail off and realise that I've let my mouth run away with me again from fear.  Shaun tilts his head to the side suddenly and stares at Roman with an interested look on his face. "So this is the girl you would break rules for Roman. I must say," he turns and regards me with kind eyes "Lucy is a jewel my son, you have impeccable taste." I blush and Roman squeezes me slightly. I lean in against him and for some reason I imagine that he is warm. But that's impossible for him.

Shaun inclines his head politely to me and embraces Roman before turning to walk away. Just then he pauses and turns back. "I see you've gained something completely new to you Roman. Use it well, it can be dangerous." I look at Roman, slightly confused, but he just shrugs it off. "Don't know what he's talking about." he mutters, not looking at me. "But he said..." Roman cuts me off by bending down and kissing me, his arms encircling my waist and crushing me to him. "That's a taste of what's to come later." he breathes into my ear before vanishing out of the room.

I stumble over to the chair beside Caroline and sit down. She grins at me and raises an eyebrow "Vampire got your tongue?" she jokes. I look back at her bewildered. "And my tonsils too!" The two of us burst into a fit of giggles and I turn and see Maple looking over at us longingly. Shaun is just walking away from her and Ray.

I wave to her to join us and she scampers over. "I love your dress!" I smile at her as she sits down. "Thanks, I love your whole outfit!" she grins back. Caroline introduces herself properly then and the three of us settle down for a chat.

Somewhere along the line I glance over at Ray and see him standing on his own looking at Maple with sad eyes. I catch Roman's eye as he comes back in the room and nod towards Ray. He looks puzzled for a second but then nods at me and walks up to Ray, putting his arm around him and leading him out of the room.

I join back in the conversation but I can't help but worry. I notice Maple is staring at her hands folded in her lap while Caroline babbles on about going shopping in Milan in the next few weeks. She looks up and catches me looking at her and I see it in her eyes. She'd seen me telling Roman to look after Ray.

The End

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