Lucien: FaintedMature

Oh my fucking god. Oval fainted I mean literally fainted.

I pick her up and begun carrying her back to my room meeting India on the way.

"Is she okay?" she asks looking worried but much better.

"She's fine... you shoould get back to the party tell Jake to tell father that Oval's not feeling so good" I tell her. She nods then runs off down the hall.

I take her into the room and lie her down on the bed. I pass a hand through her hair and smile.

She looks so peaceful when she's asleep. I kiss her forehead likely then decide to lie down next to her. I make sure he covers are between us so my cold skin doesn't make her cold.

I also wrap her in the quilt so she'll be even warmer. Her neck shows clearly so I pull the covers up high so it's hidden.

I bet it's not only Carolines work there. I bare my teeth. FAther will want her changed as soon as possible. I look back down at Oval to find her eyes open.

"Your worried" she state her face going confused.

"Don't worry about it" I say placing a hand on her cheek.

"It's you needing to change me isn't it" I go silent then slowly nod. She sits up and moves to lie on my chest.

"I'm sorry this me wanting a little more time is being difficult for you" she whispers.

"No, you can have as long as you want till two weeks" I whisper looking at her neck once again.

"Then why are you looking at my neck?"She looks up calmily. I curse and turn my head away.

"Sorry.... it's just the dress shows it so much.... it's hard to resist" The words tumble out slowly and painfully.

She moves closer then putting her hands either side of my face kisses me. I try to just kiss her softly at first but as her hand slide up into my hair I can't resist and roll to hover above her, each hand either side of her head and knees pressing hard into the bed.

Her hands slide to my T-shirt and that's were I just completely lose control of my emotions.

The End

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