Oval: Not wellMature

"You really aren't well" I whisper putting a hand top her forehead as I lead her into the bathroom.

It was burning hot and I knew India was already a vampire from the look of her teeth. I put a thin layer of ice across her forehead and she shivers.

"What you doing?" she asks turning to look are me.

"I put a thin layer of ice on your head.... your burning up pretty badly" I tell her knowing worry shows on my face.

"I really don't feel so good" she whisper clutching her stomach desperatly. I turn her to face me and place my hands on her cheeks closing my eyes. "What are y-"

"Shh" I hiss interupting her. I find the water in her body which in warm and frustrated then I touch the air in her lungs which is cold and clamy.

I cool then having to consentrate on every partical. India begins to slowly untense and I can also feel her shock while I'm still struggling desperately to cool the last particals of the water and air inside her body.

I finish and step back gasping for breath. I sit on the edge of the bathtub making sure not to fall in.

"Thank you" India whispers. I nod and quickly leave the bathroom. I go to the door of the main hall and spot Lucien gesturing him to come over.

"What's the matter?" he says coming out into the hallway. I open my life but then I realise I'm to tired to say anything and fall into his arms unconcious.

The End

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