Dominic: Are you ok?Mature

India looked so sick after we'd spoken to father.

'I think I'm going to be sick.'

'I'll take you to meet Lucien.  He's nice.'

'No please no more people!'  The look of horror on her face made me laugh.  I led her carefully over to where Lucien was standing with a girl.

'Lucien!'  I tap his shoulder and he turns.  'How are you?  It feels like I haven't seen you in an age!'

'I'm great thanks Dom.  How about you?'

'Yeah I'm great.  Who's this?'  I indicated the girl standind next to her.

'Oh, right.  Dom this is Oval.  Oval, my brother Dom.'  I pulled India forward.

'India, this is my brother Lucien and Oval.'

'Hi.'  She really didn't look well.

'Are you alright India?'  Oval was looking concerned.

'I'm not sure.  I feel a bit sick.'  She was looking a bit pale.

'I'll take you to the bathroom.  We'll be back in a bit.'  India staggered off towards the bathroom.  I contemplated running after her but Lucien put his arm round my shoulders and led me off.

'We really must catch up.  So what have you been up to?'

The End

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