India: IntroductionMature

'He's coming over.'  Oh God!  Oh God!

'Dominic.'  Shaun embraced Dominic and then truned to me.  'And this is...'  Oh God my stomach.

'I'm India.'  I tried to smile but I think it came out as a grimace.

'Lovely to meet you India.  How are you settling in here?'

'It's great.  Everyone has been so nice I feel at home already.'  I was so glad no-one could see my aura right now.  It would look a sickly green colour.

'I believe I heard you playing the piano earlier.'  Please no.  Why are you punishing me God?!

'Yes it was.  I'm sorry if I disturbed you I didn't know-'

'It's alright. You will have to teach Dom here.  He tried to learn but never had the patience for it.  Maybe if it's you teaching himhe will pay more attention.'

'I doubt that.'  Dom looked at me with such loving eyes.  'In fact I think it would distract me more.'

'Yes well.  It was lovely to talk to you.'  Shaun swept off to mingle with the rest of his family.

'You did great.'

'I think I'm going to be sick.'

'I'll take you to meet Lucien.  He's nice.'

'No please no more people!'

The End

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