Roman: A VisionMature

I walk back to my room to find that Caroline has already been in and told Lucy about the dinner. "Hurry up please!" I call to her through the bathroom door.

"Just a second!" she calls back and I sigh and walk to the bed and sit down. Suddenly the door opens and she walks out and creeps up behind me. I turn at her smiling and then my jaw drops. She looks... a vision. I tell her so and she blushes.

"You like it then?" she does a twirl and I nod because I can't find words to explain how I feel right now. Lucy is wearing a dress the same colour as the blue tips in her hair. It's made up of a corset with a string laced back and the skirt of it flows down in a silky wave to just above the knee. She's wearing knee high blue lace up boots and looks like a manga drawing.

I take her hand and lead her down the stairs to the dining room, still lost for words.

The End

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