Oval: Playing with FireMature

"So this is the girl who's scared my son with fire" The father says turning to me. I look over at him and suddenly felt cold.

"Depends on what you mean by the word? Scared of the actual fire or just scared of getting burn't" I say softly.

"Hmmm" He turns to Lucien. "When do you-"

"Two weeks father thats how long you gave us...... plus we haven't decided an exact time" Lucien says answering his father question before it leaves his lips.

"Hmm, I think its very amazing that you can control the atmosphere it this room" his father whispers turning his attention back on me. It's only then I notice everyone is watching.

"Like this" I say holding up my hand flames harmously licking the skin. I turn it round examining it making sure I don't lose my grip.

"Marvolous" the father whispers.

"It's hardly marvolous" I mutter my hand quickly turning to a fist putting out the flame.

"What about the other elements?" he asks.

"Which one? I must remind you that elements do not just stick to four that if you count all of them you would find quite a few" I say.

"You have spirit Oval" he says smiling and I feel Lucien's grip tighten on my other hand.

The father leans back. "Oh and thank you Lucien for finding the boy even if it's not what Caroline expected"

Thats it. The end of the conversasion. He turns to talk to another couple but just after witnessing something of a calm arguement I don't think hardly anyone is in the mood for idle chit chat.

The End

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