Maple : Acting? Piece of cakeMature

Walking back to the room I had slept in, I see Ray sitting the bed, a long and strapless purple dress lying next to him.

"We're going to have a formal dinner," he explains when he sees my confused face, "I was wondering if you would wear this dress. I know things are awkward between us, I don't want to make this any worse than it can be for you." Then he looks down to his feet, "My father doesn't know about the situation between us yet, um, could you....would you....uh..."

"You want me to act like we're on good terms?" He looks up immediately and nods guiltily. "That won't be to hard, I get great levels in drama at school." I see Ray look relieved. "I'll go take a shower." He smiles at me.

"Sorry to have to put you through this," he begins, I shake my head at him.

"It's not your fault." I whisper to him, then I step into the bathroom. I wash all the sweat off my body, run shampoo and conditioner through my hair, and clear away the dirt clinging on my face.

Wrapping a long towel around myself, I tread out of the shower and back into the room. My wet silver hair clings onto my back, with water dripping onto the towel. I pick up the hairdryer with one hand and a hair brush on the other. The hairdryer is strong, and soon my hair is dry and smooth.

"I'll just leave for a while, and let you change." Ray starts to walk towards the door.

"No worries!" I reply, I create a shield of darkness around me, making sure all he could see of me is darkness. The shield moves with me as I pick up the beautiful dress from the bed. Drying my body and taking the dress off, I wriggle into the dress which flows around me lightly. I take the shield away, hear Ray gasp as he sees me and I blush slightly. In the mirror, I tie my hair up into a tight neat bun. Then I step into a pair of silver heels, fitting in the comfortable shoes snuggly.

"Shall we go?" He nods, eyes still on me. I take his hand and for a moment I feel like we're a real couple.

The End

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