Dominic: DinnerMature

I felt so proud of India as we walked down the stairs.  She was going to be the most beautiful girl in the room.  But then I was biased.

The others had started to gather downstairs around the big table.  I wasn't used to there being so many girls around.  It was easy to tell who was with whom.  The couples never left each others sides.  But India and I were just the same.

'You look amazing.'  I whispered in her ear.  We kissed, long and lingereing but I to take her to talk to some of my brothers.  They all seemed to love her and their girls were all so nice.

When we were all there we sat down.  India and I held hands under the table as my dad began his opening his speech.

'Welcome my children.  This is a great day for my family when so many of you have chosen to join us and it makes me so happy to see my sons so well matched.'  India leaned in to me and I kissed the top of her head.  She smelled so good.  I couldn't say how much I loved her but I was so happy my father approved.  Everything was going to be alright. 

The End

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