Lucien: BeautifulMature

When I come back, Oval's not in the room. I panic at first but then hear the light sound of water from the bathroom. I sigh and walk over to the balcony leaning against it.

I breath in the warm air which is probably quite cold but still feels warm to me...... Not as warm as Oval though.

Her body just seems to radiate heat. I hear the door close and turn to see Oval has entered the room. The air catches in my throat at the sight of her and a happy grin comes on to my face.

She looks so perfect...... so beautiful. I almost bound across the room to pull her into my arms. I bury my head in her hair breathing in her smell.

"You smell nice" I whisper, Heck she smells mouthwatering. But I don't say that cause it sound weird coming from me.

"Which my blood or my body?" she says looking up at him. I lean in closer brushing my lips against hers.

"Both" I whisper the I kisses her gently holding her tightly as she does me. I pull back. "Father has arranged a family meal" I whisper.

"But you don't eat" she says confused.

"We like to stick to formalities" I tell her and she just shrugs resting her head back against my chest. I bet Caroline had something to with the dress, cause it shows of Oval's shoulder and her soft white throat. Then a lot of leg is showing and that is deffinetly what Caroline would do.

But at this moment I don't really care all I care about is holding on to Oval tightly and never having to let go.

The End

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