Oval: ShowerMature

I decide to take a shower when I find the bathroom thanks to the girl running down the corridor in a towel.

Lucky for me the bathroom was just opposite and I grab a towel from Luciens room. I go into the bathroom and lock the door behind me. I slip out of the dress and step into the warm spray of the water.

I don't have to touch the dial to get it right cause I use my powers to get it to exactly the right tempreture. I wash my hair making sure to get every strand.

I finish washing my body then rise off before turning off the tap and stepping out of the shower. I grab the towel and dry my body and hair with it as best as I can. Then slipping back into my underwear and the lovely silvery blue dress Caroline gave me I walk up to the mirror.

Then a thought comes to me. I pull the water from my hair with my powers and drop it in the sink.

Wow, my powers really are usefull. I then grab a brush and begin to pass my hair through it. Though it just goes back to the tumbling waterfall around my face and down my back.

 I step out of the bathroom leaving the towel in there to dry on the radiator. I walk silently back to Lucien's room to find him there lazily leaning on the balcony.

He doesn't seem to notice me at first but as I close the door he turns. A smile appears on his face and he walks over pulling my to his chest.

"You smell nice" he whispers into my hair.

"Which my blood or my body?" I say looking up at him. He leans close his lips brushing mine.

"Both" he whispers then kisses me gently.

The End

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