India: You're so beautifulMature

Penny was nice.  I liked her.  Dominic and Jake disappeared quite quickly which left Penny and I feeling quite lost.  But we got over it and began talking.  It sounded like she had had a similar experience to me.  Dragged off from the woods to a strange house.

She had powers too, shapeshifting.  My little trick seemed so silly compared to her power.  I could feel it flowing off her.  It was intimidating.

It didn't take long for the guys to come back.  Dominic was immediately by my side and hugging me.

'I'm sorry but I'm going to have to take India away for a while.'  He led me out of the door.  I waved at Penny as I left.  'We're getting changed.  Dad is going to call a family meeting as soon as Lucien gets back with Caroline's partner and I want you to look stunning.'

'What don't I already look stunning.'  I was joking of course but Dominic looked so bewildered when I said it.

'I mean of course you do but... What I meant was... I-'

'I was joking.'  I couldn't help but laugh and pretty soon he joined in.  He took me back upstairs, into a bathroom and handed me a towel.

'You might want to take a shower.  You turn the dial this way for hot and the other for cold and I think there is a hairdryer in that drawer.'

'I thought that now I was a vampire I wouldn't need to shower.'

'It's not you, just the smell of the forest and your hair is looking a little muddy.  I just thought you might want to freshen up but normally, no we don't have showers.'  He walked to the door.  'Lock's here.  See you in our room in a few?'

'Yeah.'  I blew him a kiss as he closed the door.  I locked it and started to get undressed.  There was still a mark on my neck from where Dominic had changed me.

I turned the shower on and stepped in.  The water was hot and washed away all the aches I could still feel in my body.  Dominic was right about the hairdryer and soon I was looking as fresh as a daisy.  My only problem was I had no clothes and I couldn't change back into my dirty ones. 

I slipped my head out of the bathroom door, looked left then right and made a run for it down the corridor.  I made it to out bedroom and I don't think anyone saw me.

Dominic was standing infront of the wardrobe that was filled with clothes.  Women's clothes.

'I think you should wear this one.'  He held out a long white dress.

'OK then.'  I quickly changed into it, very aware that Dominic was still in the room watching me.  'Right, how do I look.'

'Beautiful.'  I liked the dress.  It was slightly old-fashioned with flaired sleeves and floor length skirt.  The bodice was laced up the front and the neckline was fairly low.

'So beautiful.'

The End

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