Lucien: Oi, youMature

I walk angrily through the forest. I knew I was the eldest but why did I have to find Caroline's stinking psychic match? Why couldn't she do it herself?

I sigh then close my eyes to search for human life with my mind. I find it off to the north and head in that direction.

I find a boy kneeling in front of a squirel talking to it nervously. Hmm, so he talks to animals maybe he can teach Caroline to care for something more than herself.

I lean against a tree and watch.

"Run in circles" the boy whispers and the squirel does it without hesitation the squeks something back.

"Sorry" the boy mutters eyes wide and looking atonished.

"Oi, you" I shout the boy turns and when the squirel sees me it runs like theres no tommorow.

"What- what do you- you want?" the boy stutters getting to his feet.

"Don't worry I won't hurt you...." Hmm, strange name for a boy I think hesitating. "...Lolo"

The boy looks shocks as I grab hold of him a gab a siringe into his neck. Now all that's left to do is take him back.

I heave him up over my shoulder his weight almost like a mere toddler....... that's cause he's a bit chubby usually its easier.

I don't think Caroline will like that fact. I smile. Annoying Caroline was easy, you could do it without even trying to and I know that this..... help will get Caroline annoyed.

This boy is not what she was expecting.

The End

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